Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Evolutions uncovered: The new

Relaunch of the free and popular photo community - On August 25, 2008, after almost a year of systematic and thorough testing, has hatched from a working BETA into the wild of the internet. And without exaggeration one can say that both, design and range of features have significantly improved.

At first glance users will note that the saluting map of the world is now designed in the vivid whites & greens which match the whole vibe of the site. Who does not like this colour-scheme can try out alternatives within the 'Personal Profile' where by and by different designs will be presented to the members, although it is almost certain, that the new 'Nighttheme' will rise to instant glory.

For all pictures uploaded after August 25, EXIF-data is now available (whenever included in an image), allowing the interested photo-enthusiasts a more technical insight. Comments and Personal Messages have been separated and clearly arranged for a faster access.

Under the hull of the interface, an efficiently tweaked database-engine was fired up and carries out the requests within the mainframe of a new and completely overhauled structure. By this, the overall speed of the site -- which has already been amazing due to the lack of popups, gadgets, etc -- was distinctly boosted. now allows do-follow links to external sites on all pages as long as there is a gain in information on the respective topic (which might be a continent, region, city, point-of-interest, landscape or even a single picture). By this, the idea behind, to combine visual impressions with categories and a database of time and place has opened another quality-source for reliable information.

And YES: still is and always will be a FREE service.

Freitag, 15. August 2008

Countdown to Relaunch - Every BIT Worth the Wait!

Now it's only a matter of days until will at last peel off its old hull and start up the engine: The 'BETA' will be finally left behind and a greatly refined interface will be presented to the constantly growing community of photo-enthusiasts from all over the World.

Many striking enhancements have improved the platform visibly and technically -- below the surface and deep within the structure of MyGreatWorld's database as well as catching the eye at the very first sight, such as the EXIF-data that every newly uploaded picture will now show.

Still, the best thing about this open and alternative photo-community remains fundamentally unchanged: MyGreatWorld is - and always will be -- FREE to use with all its features!