Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Update Smilies

There is a new set of smilies online! Ina from macinacs.de allowed us to implement a choice of her funny artwork and we want to say THANK YOU INA !! We feel that Ina's Smilies are great -- check out her website to see more of them.

Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

May News

MyGreat is a family of alternative internet-sites for photographers, travellers, dwellers and friends - worldwide. The idea behind all MyGreat-Pages traces back to a fundamental belief in open and free service, easy accessibility and a fast and simple structure.

Today we started a complete new service for everyone interested in sharing information about his/her favourite towns. If you have something to tell about a place, something to depict and to portray to others, don't hesitate: write it down here, share your feelings, information and your recommendations and become a member of the fast growing international community of travel- and homeland-enthusiasts who care about their village, city or country. Visit one of our new country-pages. The following pages are up and running, more to come...

Australia England France Germany Italy Spain USA

Freitag, 13. März 2009

March Update

Many users have a personal website which they publish in their MyGreatWorld-profile. We have therefore thought of a small way to say THANK YOU to our members and friends who are contributing their pictures to MyGreatWorld: After sharing 25+ photos you will now get a 'real' link to an external homepage. This *do-follow-link* will help your website to get found by Google, Yahoo etc.

Furthermore, we hope you will find another new feature useful: Within your PROFILE & SETTINGS you can now choose *to receive a notification-email* whenever someone drops you a personal message or comments on any picture you shared. Of course, you will have to enter a valid email-address (which will neither be shown nor will it be misused by MyGreatWorld, of course).

We feel, that MyGreatWorld is evolving more and more!

Any feedback -- as always -- is welcome :o)

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009

February - Update

The design of MyGreatWorld.com was slightly changed: To notice you might have to hold SHIFT and click simultaneously on the RELOAD-button.

We have added a new THEME for those of us who prefer it simple, bright and pure. If you want to try it out just change your Theme in your PROFILE & SETTINGS to 'Plain' and hit the SAVE-button.

We also fixed some minor bugs in the upload-procedure. If you experience any flaws please drop us a note!

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

www.mygreatworld.com - Somali - Canoe at the beach We are happy to announce that we could improve the quality of all maps for the Caribbean. You might have to press and hold SHIFT while clicking on the reload button of your browser or to clear your cache to notice!

Follow MyGreatWorld

From now on you cann follow alll our actions on twitter.com :) We'll try to publish as much information as we can to show you what we are doing for our great world. So come and follow us at: http://twitter.com/MyGreatWorld !!

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

Evolutions uncovered: The new MyGreatWorld.com

Relaunch of the free and popular photo community - On August 25, 2008, after almost a year of systematic and thorough testing, MyGreatWorld.com has hatched from a working BETA into the wild of the internet. And without exaggeration one can say that both, design and range of features have significantly improved.

At first glance users will note that the saluting map of the world is now designed in the vivid whites & greens which match the whole vibe of the site. Who does not like this colour-scheme can try out alternatives within the 'Personal Profile' where by and by different designs will be presented to the members, although it is almost certain, that the new 'Nighttheme' will rise to instant glory.

For all pictures uploaded after August 25, EXIF-data is now available (whenever included in an image), allowing the interested photo-enthusiasts a more technical insight. Comments and Personal Messages have been separated and clearly arranged for a faster access.

Under the hull of the interface, an efficiently tweaked database-engine was fired up and carries out the requests within the mainframe of a new and completely overhauled structure. By this, the overall speed of the site -- which has already been amazing due to the lack of popups, gadgets, etc -- was distinctly boosted.

MyGreatWorld.com now allows do-follow links to external sites on all pages as long as there is a gain in information on the respective topic (which might be a continent, region, city, point-of-interest, landscape or even a single picture). By this, the idea behind MyGreatWorld.com, to combine visual impressions with categories and a database of time and place has opened another quality-source for reliable information.

And YES: MyGreatWorld.com still is and always will be a FREE service.